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Customer Testimonials
Below are a handful of our customer testimonials. Take a minute to read through them and see for yourself why the Genesis Coatings products far exceed the competition in performance, value, appearance and VOC compliance.
Because we can say nice things about our products all day long ... it's your opinion that counts.

Vaqueros! Mural
GCP 1000 Clear Satin Anti-Graffiti Coating
"This is my favorite product."
Nicole Ponsler





Madison County Facilities
GCR 3 Clear Gloss Top Coat
"The floors used to look good just a few days a month ... they look good all the time now. And they're easily maintained with our small staff."
B. Hackett






Toledo Public Schools
GCR 3 Clear Gloss Top Coat
"We have been part of the TPS building program since 2002. Effective finishing of VCT floors is important to maintain a quality appearance of all of our new school buildings. The decision to use this system has already resulted in maintenance cost savings, is more durable, and makes our designs look even better."
D. Tabor, Architect





Office Complex
GCR 5 Series Water-Based Silver Metallic
"During our renovation project, our architect told us about theGenesis
metallics. He suggested we use it on our main staircase in the entry way for a dramatic effect. Not only was he right about the overall appearance, but the ease of cleaning has been a big bonus -- as simple as wiping down with a damp cloth."
T. Dickson
Clinton-Massie Local School District
GCR 3 Clear Gloss Top Coat
"My halls look just-waxed every day. All we do now is clean the floors."
R. Ruddick

Dayton Public Schools
GCR 3 Clear Gloss Top Coat
"... your floor product has been nothing short of amazing. In the past maintaining the districts floors used to take all of our time and was a significant amount of our budget, which is not the best way to spend our money.With your help, we're now shifting dollars back into the classroom."  
M. Pierson, Manager of Operations

Hicksville Schools
GCR 3 Clear Gloss Top Coat
"We regret not coating more ... floors and walls ... everything."

E. Bassett, Director of Operations