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Genesis Coatings Helps Protect Your World
Yes. We have excellent products that protect floors and remove graffiti. But that's not all.  Genesis Coatings has been a leader and pioneer in the development of specialty coating and cleaning systems for over 20 years. From industrial and architectural uses, to OEM and specially customized solutions, we create versatile, affordable, highly effective products built to meet almost every coating and cleaning challenge. We make them long-lasting, easy to maintain and repairable.
And every Genesis Coatings product is VOC Compliant and user friendly, so it's safe for your employees, your customers and the environment.
Our Sales Team
With more than 40 years experience in the industry, we are constantly developing new products and services to meet our customers' diverse and changing needs. A cutting edge business philosophy and innovative techniques and products allow us to continue to be a solid leader in the industry.
Ask us how we can help solve your cleaning and coating needs.
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